Monday, March 21, 2011

Ivy League

A crisp white button down shirt never goes out of style. I like this version because it spices up the classic shirt with the zig-zag collar.
I adore the pattern on the wooden heel of these shoes!
A linen blazer = my spring must have!
Anthropologie button down shirt, linen blazer, skirt, belt, and shoes. The sunglasses are vintage.
Photography by Darren Fowler

We shot this outfit at Princeton University on a pleasantly surprising warm day.  Yay for spring and not needing to wear tights!  I love walking through this antiquated campus and observing the Gothic architecture.  I come here every spring and enjoy the fresh air and people watching. You can even find many quiet little spots to steal a kiss if you bring a date. Purely innocent! Something about this campus is very romantic to me.


Jessica said...

I like this outfit holly! its like sexy professor sure darren loves it! u need to start sending me some of these outfits in my size as freebees cause u love me =)

dawnelise said...

love love love this!!!! love you too :)

Bethany said...

Love your look!