Saturday, May 21, 2011

I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier

when there's no where else to run..
is there room for one more song?
                                                                 when you can't hold on..
hold on.
Forever 21 sweater, Free People destroyed corduroys, D&G sunglasses,
Anthropologie necklace worn as a bracelet, Vintage Seiko and Timex watches, Kenneth Cole watch, Aldo flats

Photographed by Darren Fowler

Believe it or not, I enlisted my Dad to help me complete my outfit.  Pops is always good for safekeeping old trinkets for years and that makes for some good vintage finds for me.  He used to work on the navy yard way back when, so we went through his memorabilia from that time in his life and found these aged timepieces.  Up until recently I have not been too keen on wearing watches.  Maybe because I have a tendency to destroy nice things and I'm usually only attracted to watches that cost more than my paycheck!  However, after finding this Kenneth Cole watch for a steal, I thought I would share with you my recent luck with men's watches using my variation of the stacked wrist trend.  To tone down the masculinity of the watches, I remained true to my girly girl style by adding the bright floral printed sweater : )

Now go enjoy your life today! ...considering it's the end of the world and all ;)  Just another reminder to live in the moment and BE HAPPY.