Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Outfit under $100...possible? YES

Forever 21 cardigan $10, J.Crew tank $20, J.Crew belt $10, J.Crew Rainy Day Bow flats $40, Hollister jeans $20

Putting together an inexpensive outfit could prove to be a challenging task.  Especially when you have your eye on overpriced denim and accessories that cost more than your actual clothing.  If you have the patience to weed through all the "No's" in a sale rack and the restraint of incorporating items you already own, you have what it takes to create an ensemble under $100.

Lust item....sighhhh:  I fell in love with the Rainy Day Bow flats at first sight. How adorable are they?! However, I couldn't justify buying a hot pink shoe at full price.  I didn't NEED them of course.  However, when the price went down to $39.95 from $58, I couldn't resist taking them home with me. The pop of pink is so unexpected in a shoe and I love the idea of a adding a solid bright hue to a simple, understated look. 

Out of hibernation:  I know what you're thinking....how juvenile to be wearing Hollister jeans after college. BUT for a casual day look, why not? They still fit after 7 years! I bought them in high school when I used to work at Hollister and got them at the end of the season when the price dipped way down to $20.  They pretty much paid for themselves with all the use I got out of them.  Moral of the story:  I didn't have to go out and buy a new pair of trendy cuffed crops...my own closet had exactly what I needed.

Classic item....destined to be recycled:  This crisp white tank from J.Crew was a no-brainer.  Imagine how much use I can get out of this simple, perfect fitting top?  I will be layering this under EVERYTHING.

Happy bargain shopping fawn friends!

Photographed by Darren Fowler