Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Did you know that olive is an anagram for "I love"?

All clothing, including Adriano Goldschmied denim, is from Anthropologie.
**Photographed and styled by Nicole Chieco

Mix. Prints. Yes, just do it!  Who cares if people think its weird...especially guys (they don't get it).  Maybe it's just me, but some people in Jersey just do not seem to understand fashion or experimentation whatsoever.  That's why its called SELF expression right?  Ignore the stares and be creative.  Oh and wear blue heels whenever possible..hehe. 

As for the colors chosen for the prints in this outfit, green and yellow are analogous, which means they are next to each other on the color wheel (Intro to Color Theory 101, you're welcome).  They can easily be combined as long as you add a hue that will balance them out.  We chose ivory, voila!  Now if you look really closely in the pics, you can make out the hidden print on the denim....its kind of like a watermark, leopard pattern.  How cool is that?  It's such a subtle detail, you might not notice it at first, but it makes this denim trend easy to incorporate into your spring wardrobe.  Understated edge, I'm obsessed. 

P.S.  I like to think of the green print on my blouse as olives, but they are actually racquets lol. Weirdo.
Welcome back fawn friends ;)