Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crush on Crochet

Anthropologie top and dress,  Zara clutch, chain bracelet handmade by my friend Chiara

Photography by Nicole Chieco

Throwing on a crochet or crop top over a dress is a great way to make your wardrobe more versatile.  Especially if you desire a casual approach to dressing up for a fancy outing.  Now when I check my closet for fashion inspiration, I have double the options.  

I feel that much closer to summer whenever I wear coral.  The red undertones in this particular fabric give the coral a striking vibrancy.  The deep navy of the dress is the perfect base for this bright pop of color.  Yet even on its own, this dress is stunning.  It's simple, but the stripes layered in tiers give this outfit a little something extra.  Special details like that make or break my decision to splurge on a pricey piece.  I cannot emphasis the yummy fit and feel of this dress enough :)  The fabric glides over curves like a dream! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grunge on the Prairie

Zara leather jacket, Christopher Deane dress, Anna Sui slip, Forever21 combat boots, J Crew socks, unknown necklace
Photography by Darren Fowler

Any mixing of two polar opposite elements creates an interesting dynamic.  I tend to gravitate toward that kind of juxtaposition with fashion.  Leather and combat boots of the nirvana 90's, mingling with dainty brocade and ivory kind of hybrid.

You might recognize this little Christopher Deane number from a previous thrift posting and yes it definitely is way too short for me to wear on its own, hence the slip.  That's my solution to overcoming the fact that I. will. never. fit. a. sample. size.  I guess you could say I cheated, just a bit.  As much as I love this mini me dress, it's going to have to go up on EBay. So sad.  But if some mythical size zero creature can get more use out of it than me, so be it... hmph :(

It evades me as to who designed this massive chain necklace.  I got it as a freebie back when I interned for Seventeen magazine and never bothered to notice who made it.  The first time I wore it out, to a dive bar...why? no one knows, a guy called me Mr. T all night.  Again, I'd like to emphasize that some guys don't understand fashion (but know exactly how to wear out their welcome).  However, Mr. T has a penchant for leather and accessorizing so the resemblance is justifiable. 

For my nails, I decided to introduce St. Patty to St. Nick.  My cheapy, green, drugstore polish leftover from the Irish festivities is the base and I topped it off with Nicole by OPI's "Glitter in my Stocking" (which is an awesome mix of gold and red glitter.  The mash up is somehow very springy...go figure.