Friday, May 4, 2012

Lattice Layers: Transitional Spring

I put this glitzy polish on any and every color.  It's from Katy Perry's line for O.P.I.   Love the sparkle.  I don't care what anyone thinks about me seeing her upcoming documentary "Part of Me" in theaters on opening night! hehehehe
Halston wedges, Anthropologie dress, long sleeve top, belt and sunglassses
Beauty note: nails in O.P.I.'s "Last Friday Night" top coat and Essie "Mochachino" base

Photography by Nicole Chieco

This weather is giving me whiplash!  We've reached summer...FINALLY, but all week our weather has been reminiscent of a rainy April that we never had.  Strategic layering has helped me combat the chills and heat waves this season.  Those brisk mornings make me wanna hide my wedges, break out the rainboots, leggings, and throw my hair to the tippy top of my head in a lazy girl bun.  With the addition of this lightweight long sleeve top beneath my dress, I can face the temperamental mood swings we call our weather forecast, while remaining fashionably girly.  I no longer have to withstand the near hypothermic reaction I get from even the slightest of chilling conditions....I have a zero tolerance policy for dips in mercury.  Now that I found a cure for the cold I will happily retire my rainboots.  Outlook...sun with a chance of tortoise shell shades and CHICdom.